VA Claims out of money to care for veterans

San Antonio, TX - South Texas Veterns Health Care System
Feburary 28, 2012 - The Department of Veterans VHA operates under USC Title 38 which extends healthcare services to veterans enrolled in their system.Recently the VA has undergone new changes intended to deny veterans access to their primary care provider by limiting their mileage reimbursements for their visits. 38 USC § 1703 authorizes fee base payments:(a) When Department facilities are not capable of furnishing economical hospital care or medical services because of geographical inaccessibility or are not capable of furnishing the care or services required, the Secretary, as authorized in section 1710 of this title, may contract with non-Department facilities in order to furnish any of the following.
Today, I was denied such services because according a clinic staff Obama has cut funding, so there was no budget to pay for any fee base care. All care is now done by the clinic, in my case the dental clinic. My travel time varies from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 travel time to make appointments. Unschedule emergencies are considered walk-ins and you wait, until someone doesn't show up. This is the replacement option to care for veterans living in rural areas, by cutting budgets. With the price of gas, VA free healthcare, I can not afford, so much for we care and its our turn serve you.
Like ususal the VSOs are busy planning parties, putting up signs and sittings on their asses sleeping behind the wheel.

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VA Watering Down Benefits

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The Real Story Behind Apportionment

Veterans Apportionment

USC 38 § 5307 - Apportionment of benefits
USC 38 §5301 - Nonassignability of Benefits
38 CFR§3.450 - Subpart A: Pension, Compensation, and Dependency and Indemnity Compensation : Apportionments
38 CFR §3.451 - Special Apportionment

It would seem quite obvious that apportionment can only pertain to veterans either receiving compensation, education benefits or other related benefits programs where the recipient is the veteran, the widow and orphan or maybe other eligible person. Click Here to Cont. 26 January, 2012 - Lawmakers are taking further steps to investigate the most recent issues with veterans buried at 131 Veterans National Cemeteries across the country. So far there have been 123 incidents of administrative error out of 83 cemeteries investigated. The errors occurred at six VA cemeteries around the country, with Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, TX placing the wrong headstones over 47 gravesites. As a result, four people were buried there in the wrong graves.
Fox News reports that the VA focused on just those cemeteries that underwent certain renovations. It reviewed nearly 1.3 million headstones and found a fraction of them had been moved one spot away from where they should have been.
The House Veterans Affairs Committee chairman, Republican Rep. Jeff Miller, said Thursday he has questions about some 2 million gravesites not reviewed and expects a full accounting of every gravesite. So far no official response from the secretary.

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The failure of government to protect our veterans is becoming more apparent. Civil courts have been given open reign on how to divide disability compensation for alimony. It is outrageous, the ploys that are being used to accomplish this end. The Department of Veterans Affairs has turned their back on the disabled veterans as they have entered into agreement with States on collection of alimony by claiming that disabled veterans are employees of the VA. In some states the VAROs and the VA General Council are signing off on withholding orders from the states. This is right folks! The VA is helping out in garnishing your benefits if you are not playing your alimony, never mind the federal laws. Not only have we been forgotten but betrayed by a system that was created to help veterans. Operation Sin City is the beginning of veterans organizing to protect our benefits.


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AAPP will continue to document stories of veterans who continue to struggle getting their claims approved.

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Members of Congress are quick to say they support the troops and veterans, but the number of elected officials who have served has plummeted to its lowest point since World War II. Only 20% of the 535 members of the new Congress have served in the military, 25 from the Senate and 90 from the House of Representatives compared to the number in 1975 when 70% had served in the armed forces.

The Number Game with homeless veterans

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Minnesota Veteran Returns War Medals in Protest

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When stupidity outweighs ignorance


The greatest obstacles we face or will ever face are we. The umbilical force that once gave us life is now a noose around our necks. Veterans like Jim Strickland who operates a website called VA Watchdog has turned his back on all veterans and proclaims himself as an expert on issues which he has no empirical knowledge. He slanders veteran group who do not see things his way and dismisses their advocacy as angry veterans who expresses nothing but contempt toward their ex-spouses. The "5301 group is a fringe minority", said Jim Strickland. Strickland said in an email. "They hold themselves up as heroes who earned their VA benefits in glorious patriotic acts of selflessness." What Strickland forgets to explain that the federal laws protect those disabilities and it is not a made up scheme like he wants to believe. What could be further from the truth than veterans protecting disability compensation for our most disabled group? For work that veterans like Gene Simes and Jere Beery advocate everyday he calls them fringe groups. The research that has been done by the research analytical team have supported the facts which are indisputable. So, you see the ignorance comes comes from people like him who fuel the fire of those who are willing to pounce on the disability benefits of the unable.